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The Topaz Museum Board of Trustees is currently raising funds to completed the Topaz Museum on Main Street in Delta, Utah. the Museum will house artifacts and interpret the history of Topaz. The projected budget for the Museum is $2.6 million. Currently, the Board has commitments for $2.1 million.  Be a part of this project by donating toward the new Topaz Museum. The Topaz Museum Board is a non-profit organization and donations are tax deductible. The best way to support the Museum is to send a check to Topaz Museum, P.O. Box 241, Delta, Utah 84624. If you use the PayPal button on this website, PayPal takes a percentage of your donation.  

Giving and Naming Opportunities

Some of the Giving and Naming Opportunities for the Topaz Museum include:

Family Remembrance Plaque and Book $5,000.00
Exhibit kiosks $10,000.00
Interactive iPad presentations $10,000.00
Restored Recreation Upkeep $15,000.00
Orientation Room $35,000.00
Audio Visual Equipment $35,000.00
Executive Suite $25,000.00
Curator/Collections Area $50,000.00
Major Exhibits $50,000.00
Camp Model $75,000.00
Garden Walkway $75,000.00
Outside Courtyard $100,000.00
Interior Museum Barrack $100,000.00
Education Center Programs $250,000.00
Outside Recreation Hall Exhibit $250,000.00
Museum Lobby and Recption area $250,000.00
Museum Building $500,000.00

The Topaz Museum is open with an art show of art created at Topaz.  This show will stay open until the end of the year (2016) when the final exhibit will be installed. 

To Donate Artifacts: If you would like to donate artifacts from Topaz to the Museum or receive more information about making a gift, please use the contact us page on this website.